Saturday, June 27, 2015

Setting Your Home's Listing Price

Your home's listing price is based on many factors including:

• Current, local market conditions
• Comparable home sales (Sold in the last 90 days, but can use solds up to 180 days)
• Buyer availability for your property
• Proceed considerations

Setting an appropriate listing price is often times the difference between getting your
property sold or having it linger on the market, eventually not selling or selling for way less
than anticipated.

If we set a listing price too high, we will lack in interested buyers. If we set a listing price that
is too low, we will short change your home so it’s important to set the home list price based
on the condition and market.

Properties over-priced by 5% lose 50% of Buyer pool and 10% over-priced
lose 75% of prospective Buyers who will never view the property.

Once a property sits on the market too long, it becomes stagnant and that can cause it to lose values in the eyes of prospective buyers since the number of days on the market is available to the public. 

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